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Beyond Pool Care is a locally owned family pool and spa cleaning service offering personalized pool and spa cleaning with a smile. Cleaning and maintaining your Pool isn’t just a job, it’s our mission. We also offer renovations and equipment repairs & upgrades. Please feel free to contact us through our contact form, and we’ll be sure to get back to you A.S.A.P.

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Weekly & Monthly Maintenance

We offer either weekly or bi-weekly pool service and maintenance. We use only the finest pool chemicals, parts and materials from reputable suppliers and manufacturers. A regular weekly Beyond Pool Care Service will keep your pool’s water clear, clean, and sanitized. We will routinely eliminate the phosphate and metal build up and add only the best water clarifier to aid in filtration and to make your pool water sparkle.

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Weekly & Monthly Service Includes:

  • -Removal of all debris from pool
  • -Empty the pool skimmer and pool pump baskets
  • -Skim the surface of the swimming pool
  • -Brush the pool walls as needed
  • -Add water clarifier and maintain the filtration system
  • -Analyze and chemically treat the swimming pool water
  • -Advise the pool owner to fill the pool water to the appropriate level
  • -Fill the chlorine feeder(s) or skimmers
  • -Backwash the pool filter and add diatomaceous earth (DE) if necessary
  • -Perform a Basic Equipment Inspection
  • -Gently clean the pool surround tiles as needed
  • -Vacuum the swimming pool when necessary

Real Estate Services

We know that when purchasing or selling a house with a pool, the unknown can be scary. We proudly offer swimming pool inspection services!

Real Estate Service


When you grow tired of that old run-down looking pool, or you just want to spruce it up with a new water feature or some decking, give us a call. We can help.

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